How to Install Underverse Kodi Build on Firestick


Kodi has the hoards of addons which are all good and differently satisfying. Here we will be discussing one such build, Underverse, and how we can use it on Firestick.

Features of Underverse:

  • There are too many enjoyable categories within this addon, namely Movies, TV shows, Debrid, Docs, Music, Kids, Power, System, and Wizard are some of them.
  • Within this build, you will find some useful addons like Venom,7of9, Limitless, Uranus, Magic Dragon, etc. This Kodi build offers the platform for all the different add-ons and it also supports hassle-free entertainment without any charge.
  • If you install Underverse you will be able to enjoy lots of other addons that are not included inside Kodi itself. The size of this build is small and it will not take up much space of your hard disk or memory. But in respect to functionality, it will be amazing.
  • This build is popular due to its user-friendly interface. It can offer you a load of entertaining programs through the addons. The movies and other programs will not be geo-restricted so you can watch them from any corner of the world. Due to various reasons, it has been called one of the best builds of Kodi.
Underverse Kodi

Steps to Install Underverse Kodi Build on Firestick

Kodi should be in default settings while you try to install this build. You can easily follow these steps to get this build on your device.

  • Start Kodi and go to the home page. From the top left corner click on the settings.
  •  From the add-ons list, you will select the Unknown Source option.
  • You will find the option Remote and after clicking on this one, you will navigate to the System page.
  • Select File Manager.
Kodi File Manager
  • Now click Add source.
Kodi Add Source
  • Then Click <None>
Kodi Click None
Kodi Underverse add URL
  • Below the source you will find a box, you have to click on it to highlight it. Now you have to put the name of the media source here. Put the name lostkodi in the place of name and press OK.
underverse-kodi-add source name
  • Now you click on the Back button and return to the System screen.
  • You will be able to choose addons.
underverse-kodi-chose add-ons
  • Then click on the option to install from the zip file.
underverse-kodi-install from zip file
  • Now you will select the file lostkodi as the media source.
underverse-kodi-select media source
  • Select the zip file URL called
underverse-kodi-select zip file URL
  • A notification will appear on the screen saying “Lost Builds Wizard Add-on Installed” after a minute. You can now click on the back button.
  • After returning to the home screen you can select addons. Click on  Lost Build Wizard.
underverse-kodi-lost build wizards
  • And then click on Install/Install update Lost Builds.
underverse-kodi-update lost builds
  • You have to choose Underverse v3.5
underverse-kodi-chose underverse
  • At the bottom of the page, select the option for a fresh install.
underverse-kodi-Fresh Install
  • Underverse will be downloaded.
  • Click on Force close on options that may appear on the screen.
  • Reopen the Kodi main menu, and start using Underverse build.



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