How To Install Varatrix Build On Kodi 18/18.1 Leia


Kodi is a free open source media centre, formerly known as XBMC. Kodi can play television, movies, photos, and more on different devices. Users usually install Kodi on a supported TV-connected device or computer. By locating different video sources the user configures Kodi.

Kodi also uses a number of’ add-ons’ generated by the affiliates of the open source community to access content on the internet. Thus, add-ons with no official version of Kodi do not come “out of the box.”

Whether it’s your personal video library, Kodi brings all these sources together for the benefit of users in a single media centre.

Vatrix Build

Is Kodi legal?

Yes. Kodi is a 100 per cent legal official installation. It’s basically a very sturdy media player. Kodi does not have any video content by itself. It is the user’s job to provide. This is also the beginning of the legal grey area.

Kodi can give you the means to look at any video source to which you have access, but you can view pirated content when you are watching licensed content which you did not purchase. You pay for content when you watch films ripped out of a disk you buy. However, someone breaks the law if you have installed a supplement that gives you access to a set of Disney movies for whom you didn’t pay.

I have had a debate with several people on this issue in many parts of the world. Many think it’s all right when they can download Kodi, install an illegal addon, and get full access to Netflix content. This is not. ⠀

The problem is compounded by the installation of Kodi on a device by doubtful Online Sellers along with a range of pirated content. They sell it to consumers they don’t know. The buyer starts the device and assumes that they do not view pirated content since they pay the online vendor money. Sadly, they do not know that they just purchased a modified install of Kodi and can watch unlicensed contents.

What’s an Addon for Kodi?

A Kodi addon is a program running on a smartphone like an app within Kodi. There are many types of addons for Kodi, the most popular of which are video addons that play movies and television shows. Over the past year, Kodi add-ons exploded with new ones coming out almost every day. We are adding new ones that are found to work on this list and removing those that are not working.

We don’t code any addons or plugins and we don’t have any connection to Kodi. Most of the programs listed here are coded by sources from third parties. The new Kodi 18 Leia Build is Varatrix Build which can be configured from the Star Tec Portal Wizard. The  Varatrix Build on Kodi 18.1  has been tested extensively and it works well even with firestick and all other streaming devices.

Movies, Sports, TV, Kids and many more are included in the categories. You certainly should go to Varatrix Kodi Build if you’re looking to create the best working kodi 18.

  • Start the Kodi app and click on the left menu settings icon.
  • To select ‘ Add-ons ‘ option to be found on the left, click on the ‘ System Settings ‘ option.
  • Click yes when you see any prompt or warning message.
  1. Build: Varatrix Kodi Leia Build
  2. Repo: Star-Tec Repository
  3. URL:
  4. Compatibility: 17.6 Krypton and 18/18.1 Leia
  • On Kodi 17.6 & 18 Leia we now are ready to install Varatrix Build. Follow the instructions below for installation on Kodi of Varatrix Build.
  • Click add source Click on’ < None >’ in the dialog box which pops up. Go into Kodi home screen and open the Settings again.
  • The field’ Enter the paths or browse media sites’ will appear. Enter this connection: http:/
  • Click on OK then enter a name for the media source as the gentecwiz Go back to the home screen and click on add-ons.
  • Click the’ Zip File Install’ option.
  • Select NEW REPO FOR GENTEC WIZARD Click on gentecwiz.
  • Now click on’ install repository’ on the same screen. Select Repository.
  • Now Select Your Construct and click Fresh Install Now Varatrix Build will be downloaded from Kodi 18 Leia on Kodi. Click Star-Tec Repository to open Program Add-ons Now Click’ Star Tec Portail’
  • Wait to download and click Force Close when the pop up appears.
  • Restart your Kodi and finish it! On Kodi 18 & 18.1 Leia, the Varatrix Build is now in operation.



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