How to Reset Amazon Fire TV Guide

reset amazon firestick

Amazon FireStick opens the gateways of interminable diversion for the user. It got an astonishing feature with predict function. The smart thing about it is that it keeps the record of your favourite movies and TV shows. And What’s more, later on, it will download other movies as per you like.

reset amazon firestick

But it may give you a problem regarding technical and specialized issues. To get rid of this problem you have to reset the firestick. So, in this article will help you how to reset fire stick factory.

Why Reset Fire Stick

Amazon firestick is the most recent innovation at this point. Uncertainly it may lead to some technical issues to users. It will be hard to figure it out the problem whether it is remote or in wifi connection. Pretty much, users experience comparative mental pressure and dissatisfaction of not having a clue for how to reset Fire Stick.

Now, they search for the best option to relief from these issues and try to begin their movie experience. At first, it may seem hard to bring back the authenticity in your Amazon FireStick. Yet user needs to change all settings from Amazon qualifications to Wi-Fi setting and all customization too. Indeed, you should download the greater section of the lost information from scratch. By understanding the problems here are the steps to reset you fire stick in two ways.

How to Reset your Amazon factory firestick

A user can use a bundle of procedure to reset broke down Amazon FireStick.

  • Go to Home of fire stick you will find the Setting at the top select it.

firestick reset

  • Click on it and you will find ‘Reset to Factory Defaults’ below.

firestick reset

  • Now you will see the prompt Confirmation Screen when you will reset FireStick all downloaded files will be removed.
  • After reset, Amazon fire stick will power off.
  • It will take some time for it to reboot after waiting for a while your Amazon stick will be reset.

Reset Amazon Factory FireStick using Kodi

It isn’t in every case simple approach to use a setting panel to reset solidified Amazon FireStick. But, you shouldn’t be stressed by any stretch of the imagination. Simply keep down catch and right catch on your Fire TV remote wait for some time and reset screen will spring up in a flash.

  • In the initial step look for Settings and then go to manage applications from the Home Menu
  • Now, you need to look for a list of apps which have already installed on Fire Stick,
  • Going down to your list you will find the Kodi so can select it.
  • When you choose on clear data it will ask the confirmation to clear all the data of the app.


This post passes on real information on the most capable strategy to reset FireStick in a few minutes’ seconds. Furthermore, all methods which have been made reference to here are definitely not hard to apply and brief. Enjoy your favourite seasons and movies everyday.

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