How to Reset KODI on Amazon FireStick in Easy Steps (2019)

Reset Kodi on Amazon Fire Stick 2019

Kodi is an awesome tool to free you from the subscriptions of all kind of apps, the gaming sites, the movie streaming sites and any other site that provide online content, be that paid or free.

Why Kodi is so famous?

Kodi is Android and iOS friendly and it can be run on any platform, be that iPad, tab, laptop, PC or gaming console.  So this app basically lets you do anything with your data connection and reduces your hassles as much as possible. But not everything can be that smooth, so of course, Kodi has got its share of problems.

Reset Kodi on Amazon Fire Stick 2019

The problems

The hazards are mostly faced by long-time Kodi users who have downloaded lots of add-ons, most of them are not in use regularly. These add-ons create junk files and repositories which slow-downs Kodi. The unnecessary folders and files should be removed if you want Kodi to run properly on your device.

You can try various hacks that are available online to charge-up your Kodi and make it perform smoother. But the basic one advice you will find everywhere is, reset to default the app. The complete reset will automatically clear all the junks so that Kodi can be installed on your device freshly. You will experience the smoothness of performance that you have felt when you first installed Kodi on your device.


But keep this in mind, with the reset you will lose all the Kodi data, like the skin, downloads, add-ons installed with Kodi and the settings that you have customized. There are ways to retain these data partially though. You can take the back up of Kodi before resetting it, thus you will be able to retain the data and the add-ons back on your device.

How to reset KODI on Amazon FireStick

Here we will describe the process of uninstalling Kodi from your device in the simplest manner, so anyone can follow it and execute it without any query. So we begin with the back-up process for Kodi data.

The customized settings, add-ons and downloads are what you have stored on your device while using Kodi. But those will be lost once you reset Kodi, so if you do not want that to happen, follow this process.  There are quite a few add-ons which have the back-up facility and those will allow saving data while you will restore Kodi. But not all data will be recovered, that is, it is not a full-proof process. So you should take a note of all the data and settings that you want to resume while you will reinstall Kodi.  Some apps can come helpful if you are worrying of backing up the data, search online and choose the convenient one to get a full-proof back-up.

Two ways to reset Kodi

You can either clear the data that has been downloaded by Kodi without uninstalling Kodi itself, or you can uninstall Kodi from Amazon Firestick along with all the data and add-ons.

If you go for clearing the data, then this is how you will do it.

  • Go to settings of Firestick home screen, and open the application button.
  • Click open managed installed application.
  • From the dropdown list of all the installed applications on your Firestick, select Kodi.
  • Select clear data from the next screen, this page will also show you how much storage is being used for the add-ons and other purposes.
  • The process will require your confirmation, so click on clear data one more time when the option appears on the screen.
  • Now click on the back button and go back to the page where Kodi data will show to have been cleared.
  • Now if you go back to your home page and click on Kodi, it will show that “preparing for the first run” as it will not have any data and is set at default.

Uninstall Kodi on Firestick

  • The first few steps are similar to the previous method of clearing Kodi data, so just go to the settings and reach the installed application page, and select Kodi.
  • This time hit the uninstall button, and confirm it on the next screen.
  • Within a few seconds, the process will be complete.
  • Now you can install Kodi on your device by getting the apk file sourcing from your mobile.
  • If you want to reset Kodi on your firestick, follow this process.
  • Check the settings on your Firestick home page, and reach for manage installed application.
  • While clicked on Kodi, you will see a list of actions, from here click on reset Kodi on Firestick.

This process is similar to clearing the data from the Kodi and thus after resetting, you need to put all the data back on your Firestick as well.

If you have backed up all your Kodi data using some app, then while running Kodi first time after reinstalling it, you will be able to get the back up from the restore section of the backup tab.

  • You need to open the app home screen after Kodi is reinstalled on your Firestick and then go to the backup section.
  • Select the backup files and click on root filesystem and route to the file or folder where you have backed up the data.
  • The app will get all the data back from the folder to Firestick for Kodi. Click ok to refresh and restore the data on your Kodi.

You will get a message on your screen when the restore is completed, click ok. Now close Kodi and open it again, to see if everything is running smoothly.


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