How to Secure Kodi

How to Secure Kodi

I’m sure there is no need to have a detail go through for what Kodi is actually since we have been discussing about it in detail in a couple of few discussions in articles. Kodi will help you streamline your favourite content using add-ons. These might be movies or shows.

We know that Kodi is one of those most used streaming applications that we use nowadays. But using such an application we need to be sure that it is safe and secure and does not share any of that private and personal information of your device.

How to Secure Kodi


So before you opt to install it and use it go for the tips below. You need to follow these to have a secure and safe Kodi experience.

Tip 1: Get an online security

In this tip, we would recommend you to have online security for your device.

This is keeping in view the number of attacks on the privacy of your devices and software.

  • You can try using an antivirus software which will help to prevent virus on your device or malware. It will protect your device against any infections.
  • So if you do do you are taking a step forward to protect your device and maintain security.

Tip 2: Use a VPN

You can use a VPN for your device. These have become essential nowadays keeping in mind the activity of hackers and to maintain a secure and private atmosphere.

  • What these VPNs actually do is they would maintain a secure atmosphere which will hide your content from others and would also help you download some content that you think would be illegal.

Tip 3: Try using the official Kodi functions

Do try that you use only those Kodi functionalities that are official and are not from a third-party source.

Let us look at some of the risks that Kodi can be prone to.

Risks of Kodi

  1. Add-ons

The add-ons that you download from third-party sources can create risk for you. It does not matter if you streaming content through the add-ons or adding any functionality through it. It can be dangerous to your device and Kodi privacy.

  1. Updates

Updates are a necessary part of every application. So Kodi needs to be updated too. To update this the software goes through HTTP which is not encrypted and can cause a security issue to you.

There can also be hacked by hackers so there is always a privacy issue.

  1. Illegal content

There are many users who are unaware of the risks of the Kodi add-on and try using it without a VPN service.

So try making sure that you always use the Kodi on your device with a VPN that would maintain the security that you require.

Even if you install the official add-ons there is a risk of getting some amount of illegal content on your device which may create a security issue for you.

  1. Privacy

Kodi is a very good application to use but it is a must that you use a VPN with it.

These were some risks and issues that can arrive on your device when you are using Kodi. So try making sure that you have appropriate applications or VPNs that protect your privacy and maintain security.


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