How to Setup Amazon Fire TV Stick

Set Up Amazon FireStick

Amazon world’s largest e-commerce company made expansion in their business by first introducing video streaming service amazon prime and now made the second one in digital media streaming devices of Amazon Fire TV and Firestick with the remote controlling unit. Talking about the Amazon fire stick it is cheapest of all digital video streaming devices available and really compact in size compared to others. Through this article, we want to give some information about its features, pros, cons and how to set it up for the first time.

Set Up Amazon FireStick

Amazon FireStick and its Features

Amazon Fire Stick 4k is the third generation of Fire TV, It has a 1.7 GHz quad-core processor powered by 1 GB of RAM and 8 GB onboard storage, which supports 4K quality video output, HDR10+, Dolby Vision, Dolby Atmos, and MPEG-2 decoding through hardware acceleration. It also has Bluetooth voice-controlled remote with an infrared emitter to not only control the device, but also TV volume and other functions. The firestick runs on Amazon’s Fire OS, which is based on android jelly bean 4.2 operating system which makes it compatible for playing games along with video streaming.

Features of amazon FireStick

  • Variety of streaming content: Amazon fire TV, has not only supports its amazon prime services but also have other famous video streaming sites like Netflix, Hulu, HBO Go, Disney and YouTube
  • Audio streaming feature: Amazon Fire TV also supports lots of audio songs streaming apps as well like its own amazon music, Spotify, Pandora and others.
  • Game playing feature: This is another add-on feature of firestick it supports many paid and free games like Candy crush saga, mine craft etc. and you can also connect external gaming pad also for the easy gaming experience.
  • Memory expansion feature: Though it is powered by 8 GB of internal storage, amazon fire stick memory can be expanded by connecting USB mass storage devices.
  • Easy UI and Alexa access: Amazon fire stick is powered by Fire OS, which provides a very user-friendly experience and it also powered by amazon’s AI Alexa which provides it voice over control over the device functions.
  • Privacy and Parental control: It is one the most important and necessary feature of firestick as it protects the privacy of users as well as provide control to parents to restrict the content which is not suitable for children.

Requirement for accessing content on Amazon Fire TV

  1. First and foremost, you need amazon account to sign up and with prime membership is more preferable.
  2. Good quality and high-speed WiFi connection around 10 Mbps for 1080 P streaming.
  3. A 1080 P full HD resolution screen with HDMI port as Amazon fire stick supports only to HDMI port, though it also supports 720 P, 480 P resolution also.

How to setup Amazon FireStick?

Amazon fire stick box contains Amazon Fire TV Stick, Alexa Voice Remote Control, Power Adapter for Fire Stick, 2 AAA Amazon Basics batteries for the remote control and HDMI Extender cable.

To set up amazon fire stick 4k is easy first you have to put Firestick in HDMI port on your TV and then follow the steps given,

Step 1: Pair Your Remote: The first step of setting up your device is connecting it with a remote, make sure you inserted battery very carefully and then hold the remote near fire stick and press home button for 10 seconds so that it can be successfully paired.

Step 2: Select your desired Language: The next step is to choose the language of your choice.

Step 3: Connect to your Network: The next step is to connect to a network, select network and then the keyboard will appear to input password, then by navigating button go to selected letters to input password and press play button to connect.

Step 4: Register Your Fire TV Stick: Now the next step is to register your device to the server by logging using amazon account. Enter details of your amazon account to move further.

Step 5: Save Wi-Fi Passwords to Amazon:  In the next step, it will ask your confirmation to save amazon password in Amazon cloud. It is recommended to choose no for security reasons.

Step 6: Parental Controls or Password Protection: This stage it will ask you to set up a pin for parental control your device, this stage is optional as you can skip this stage and move further and in future, if you need to set up pin you can do it later.

Step7: The Introductory video: The next step contains a video to demonstrate how to use your device settings and Alexa voice controls.

Step 8: Manage and Monitor Data Consumption: This is the final stage of your fire stick set up and it requires you enable to manage and monitor your daily data consumption, this step is totally optional as you can skip this step and move further.

Now your amazon fire stick setup is completed and you can enjoy unlimited entertainment.


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