Fake Jailbreak – How to Spot a Jailbreak Scam


Jailbreaking is a root breaking for outsider software and apps to get installed easily on ios devices. Jailbreaking is a process that uses kernel patches to grant permission to software and apps which are unavailable on the Apple App Store.

Jailbreak, actually are the programs from outsiders, and users like to have them to download the apps which ios doesn’t allow to install.

How to Spot a Jailbreak Scam

Trusted source and scam:

There are many websites that claimed to have and selling jailbreaking software. There is some true source that provides jailbreak, having true worth, But also some scammers who sell jailbreak only for other marketing purposes like; Taking Survey to make money, The Jailbreaks might be any adware or malware, etc.

Jailbreaks from the trusted source get huge attention in the internet media and social media, that you can easily recognize them. You can also follow well know tech blogs and other developer sites for true information about jailbreaks.

So, if the jailbreaks from a trusted source got released, you can easily recognize it as many people will talk about it on social media and through other sites.

Some websites for iOS blogs and discussion have a list of those untrusted sources for jailbreaking, you can also check there to remain safe to try scam.

How To Spot the Jailbreaks scams:

  • Don’t touch the link of jailbreak you have never heard before.
  • Don’t touch the link of jailbreaks from new or unknown developers.

Never Pay for –

  • All the jailbreaks are free, so any jailbreak ask for the subscription, it would be a wrong number.
  • Developers never ask for any charge before downloading, they could ask for donations even after you download and start using their jailbreaks.

  • Realy jailbreaks don’t need advertisement, so if you see an advertisement for jailbreaks consider it as a fake one.
  • If the installation process asking too much personal information, then consider it as a survey junk.
  • Real jailbreaks will require computer software to install so if any jailbreak says that you can download it from your iPhone, consider it as a scam.



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