How to Turn Off Amazon FireStick When Not in Use


The FireStick remote now comes with a power switch. However, this button has nothing to do with FireStick itself.The power button, volume controls, and the mute button synch using the IR profile of your TV. When you turn the volume down or up with your FireStick remote, you’re in fact altering the volume of the TV.

Likewise, when you push the power button, you’re turning off your TV. Even when your TV is off, FireStick is still running.So, even if you just switched the TV off, after 20 minutes, then FireStick will get turned off automatically.

But if you would like to turn it off manually, this is where the methods in this manual will come in the picture.


Bear in mind that FireStick does not really get shut down. There is no way to change it off unless you disconnect it from the power supply. Turning off suggests that you are placing it at the Sleep mode.

Turn FireStick OFF in the house menu

  • This one is most likely the easiest way to turn your FireStick OFF. However, as I said earlier, you aren’t actually shutting down your FireStick. You’re just placing it in the sleep mode.
  • Hold the Home button on your FireStick remote for at least 5 seconds
  • The idea is to keep your Home button until you see the next popup window
  • Now, simply click Sleep alternative on the display (image above)
  • You’ll observe that your device has gone to sleep and the screen has turned all black.
  • To wake up FireStick, you merely need to press any button on the FireStick distant.

Turn FireStick OFF in the Settings

The Settings menu also lets you put FireStick to sleep. Again, You’re not actually turning the device OFF, you are just sending it to sleep mode

  • Follow the steps below:
  • Proceed to the home display of FireStick
  • If you are not there already, press the Home button on the remote after
  • Now, navigate to the top and select Settings in the menu bar
  • When You’re here, click and select the option My Fire TV
  • Scroll and choose the option Sleeping
  • Your FireStick will go to sleep.

Amazon has not supplied any functionality to shut down your FireStick. However, you can put it in sleep mode. When in the sleeping mode, your device functions with minimal functions. You can turn it back by pressing any button on the remote. So, that is pretty much how you get it done.


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