How To Wipe KODI, Remove A Build, Clear Settings


You would no longer need some add-ons, codes or builds on your Kodi but these unnecessary data could slow your app to work or maybe some time to hang. You should clean-up with these extra spaces and have a fresh start.

How To Wipe KODI, Remove A Build, Clear Settings

A Build is a collection of several add-ons, user can have the source files for various add-on within a single place. When a new Build gets install in the app it would get mashup with other add-ons and the app starts dysfunctioning.

If you think that it could be solved just by uninstalling and reinstalling the app. No, it would not because the user credentials were not wiped-out from the app. You will need a utility to have a fresh restart with your Kodi.

Utilities mean, there are many add-ons which could help you to get refreshed.


Fresh Start Plugin

This is one of the utilities to refresh the Kodi. If you have installed Build previously then it would be already in your add-ons. If you don’t have this plugin follow these steps to have it –

First switch to Estuary mode of your Kodi app to follow the instructions easily –

  • Go to the Settings
  • Select interface settings
  • Select skin
  • You will find the Estuary skin

Now follow these steps to install Fresh Start Plugin –

  • Select the setting icon from the top left side of your Kodi app home page.
  • Then select file manager
  • Select add source
  • Click on the None in the next box
  • Type the URL and click on Ok.
  • Give the source name as Dimitrology.
  • Now click on Ok.
  • Now select Add-ons from the home screen menu of the Kodi app.
  • Select the box icon from the top left in add-ons home page.
  • Now select Install From Zip File.
  • Then select Dimitrology
  • You will see a list of files. Find the file and select on it.
  • The installation process will  start
  • After finish, the installation, go to the add-ons’ home page and select program add-ons.
  • Select Yes from the next window.
  • The refresh process will start. Select Ok when finished.
  • Now close your Kodi app and restart it
  • You would have a new fresh app.

Now all your data and add-ons and Builds have been gone. You would have to reinstall them all again.

You can also wipe out Kodi from streaming devices like Firesticks –

  • Go to the setting option of your device
  • Select application
  • Then select manage application
  • Select Kodi app
  • Select clear data
  • You will see a pop-up asking Delete App Data
  • Select Yes or ok
  • Now restart the app.

Remember all your add-ons, plugin and build have been deleted. Reinstall them to enjoy further.



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