Install and Use TweakBox on iPhone/iPad without Jailbreak


If you’re searching for an app store in your Apple devices, with all specialized need in a single platform. Then Tweak box is an utmost mobile app installer for iPhone, iPad and Apple device. It is a trending app among youngsters nowadays. Since it got benefits and best features which we don’t usually get it other app stores. In this article, you will come to know about the Tweakbox with the installation process.


What is Tweakbox?

Tweakbox the best app ever released, it is easily available to iOS user and got a wide range of apps and games all for you. Through this app, you can get access to all other apps and games which is not available in your device. By the way, all these features in Tweakbox come for free. Before, the jailbreak was required to add certain applications to your iOS device. Instead, Tweakbox allows the user to install specific apps, via your iPhone or iPad.

Features of Tweakbox

Let’s check it out exclusive features of Tweakbox before proceeding towards installation process.

  • Tweakbox absolutely carries all the essential apps or games in a device.
  • In tweak box you don’t have to pay for any apps and games there are a lot of apps which is totally free.
  • It is user-friendly and you don’t have to go through any instruction just press the icon to download then it’s done.
  • In this app, there will be no such pop-ups and ads while downloading. So now you can enjoy downloading.
  • If in the future you don’t like to use it then you can simply remove it from your device there won’t be any issue.
  • Even Tweakbox can allow you to download from different categories such as
  • Flash app: This is not available in other app store and very hard to get it.
  • Tweak app: It provides with the best feature and modified iOS app.
  • Modified app: You can unlock different games. And even you will get unlimited coins, lives for hacked games.
  • Apps store apps: Here you will find any app you want for your apple device without paying a single penny.
  • Tweakbox: It will be easier for you to select your favourite emulator, music app, screen record, movie app and much more.

So let’s not wait anymore to install this blockbuster app in your iOS devices. The following articles will help you to install this application in your iPhone and iPad.

Install Tweakbox for iPhone/iPad without the Jailbreak

  • Step 1: Go to the Tweakbox website with your non-jailbreak phone you will find the option then press it on getting the app. Then right away this app will be download.Tweakbox
  • Step 2: After this, you will see the install now button press on it then it will start to download when it is over it will take to the install profile page. At the right side, you will see Install page then press it.Tweakbox
  • Step 3: Once it is installed then you have to enter the passcode this is code which you used to open the device. If you enter the wrong passcode then the installation process will not be processed. Once it is finished you have to press it continuously on the install button.Tweakbox
  • Step 4: After pressing the install button consecutive times your installation will start. Wait for a while till the installation finishes click on the done button. Then leave as it is with this way you will directly get to the Tweakbox website.Tweakbox
  • Step 5: Now go back to your home screen and search for the Tweakbox app.Tweakbox
  • Step 6: Since installation is successful along with the profile related to the device. Now you use your Tweakbox app any time as it has been reliable.


Tweakbox is a boon for the iOS users it is a shelter of many apps in a unique nest. Moreover, this is app comes in free but carrying no comprises regarding the variety and flexibility to users. Tweakbox got most of the trending and popular apps and games updated to the users. The interface of this app removes the complex part for the user for your better compatibility. So keep enjoying the iOS app tycoon for this era.


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