How to Install Equinox Kodi Build


Equinox Kodi Build is one of the fewer builds since the crackdown on the addons and builds of Kodi that have stood their ground. This build has been around for several months and is still regularly updated. This tells me this build is not going anywhere. This simple, smooth construction offers a bunch of preloaded video add-ons for streaming hours. Equinox Kodi Build has everything, whether it’s a live television or on-demand movies & shows. A special section for sports and documentaries is also available.


Installing Equinox Kodi Build Equinox Kodi build from an external source does not form a part of the official Kodi add-on. Such third-party builds can be installed only when the Unknown Sources security setting is enabled. So if it’s disabled, the first thing we have to do is facilitate this option. This is how you do it: Activate Unknown Sources.

Enable Apps from Unknown Sources

  1. The Settings icon is on the top left of the Kodi home screen. Click this icon. Click this icon. 2. The following options are provided in the next menu. Open system settings by clicking open.
  2. The Unknown Sources can be found in the Add-ons tab on the left of the following screen. So click Add-ons You see Unknown Sources at the right-hand side of the page. It has a switch. You must turn it on and turn it on if the switch is off.
  3. The following message will be thrown on the screen by Kodi. It’s a warning that says that it can harm your device by keeping Unknown Sources enabled. However, it is not a problem when a tested Equinox Kodi Build is installed. Go on and click yes, therefore.

Steps to Install Equinox Kodi Build

Step 1: Open Settings from the Kodi  home screen

Step 2: Open File Manager  from the following window options

Step 3: Click Next AddSource as shown in the following  image

Step 4: This is the next screen to be viewed. Equinox Build: For the Equinox Kodi Build, you must type the source path. Click < None >

Step 5: Type the http:/ source path when the following window is displayed. The build will not be installed when a typo is present. If you are ready, click Alright.

Step 6: Enter a name for the source you added during the previous step when you are back on this window. You can identify the source with any name you want. Let’s pick genius. The source has been added by clicking OK. The GenieTV repository from the source is now installed.

Step 7: Click Add-ons in Kodi home-screen

Step 8: Open Package Installer or the icon that looks like an open box

Step 9: Select Install from the zip file

Step 10: Click Genie on your next screen.

Step 11: Open a zip. file step 12: Wait for an installed notification for GenieTV Add-on Repo.

Step 12: You’ve already installed GenieTV Repo on the top right of your Kodi screen. Now let’s have Genie Wiz installed.

Step 13: Click on “Install from Repository” while you are in the same Window

Step 14: Click GenieTV Repo on

Step 15: Open program add-ons.

Step 16: Click GENIE WIZ

Step 17: click on the “Install” button.

Step 18: Genie Wiz is installed. It normally takes a few minutes. Be patient, therefore. On your Kodi screen, you can see the installation progress. The Genie Wiz add-on is shown when the Wiz is installed (again in the top right corner). The installation of the Wiz will reveal three pop-ups back up. When Wiz is installed it will appear. These popups must be ignored and eliminated.

Step 19: The first emergency is a notice of a developer. If you like or just click on Discard, you can read it in the second pop-up list. If you would like to change any configuration, choose it. Or, there are no settings for you to change.

Step 20: Click Next

Step 21: Click Ignore Note: I haven’t clicked on the build menu because I’m not going to show you how to access the Genie Wiz builds the list from Kodi’s main screen.

Step 22: Now, let’s go home with Kodi. Go to Add-ons > Add-ons for the program from there. The Genie Wiz icon is here, you can see. Click on and open this wizard.

Step 23: Click (Genie Wiz) Builds on the next window

Step 24: Under Krypton Builds, click Equinox V1 (v2.8 3/5/18) Note: This version of the guide is available as I write the following. Please note: This version is a new version of the guide. Later on, you can see another version. It matters not. It does not matter. Just click it! Just click it!

Step 25: Now you have to decide whether you wish to go to Fresh or to Standard install. Now go to  of Fresh Install

Step 26: As you are restored to the default settings for Kodi, you want the Genie Wiz to make sure you do that. Here is the next click.

Step 27: After a few minutes of finally installing the build, Genie Wiz immediately asks whether you want the close or reload profile Force is being installed and Force Close Reload Profile will collapse Kodi anyway. So that’s how the equinox build is installed in Kodi.

So this is how you install Equinox Kodi build. Please leave your feedback and suggestions in the comment section.



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