How to Install Kodi on RetroPie


Kodi is a free entertainment software, an app and sometimes a set-up box and TV Box itself. It allows users to watch Movies, Videos, tv shows, sports, and much online entertainment stuff. The other name of Kodi is XBMC; X-Box Media Center. It designed for Microsoft X-Box, by the time it grown-up and now it is Kodi.

XBMC is a non-profit organization since 2003, the software went through under various programmers and coders and has become Kodi which could work with all Smart TVs and online streaming devices like Firestick and Chromecast.

In this blog post, we will discuss how we could run Kodi on RetroPie; This is a gaming software that provides a library of online tools to design retro video games on Raspberry Pi computers.

Install Kodi on RetroPie

Well, the process is very easy. You will only have to follow the menu bar of RetroPie. The first thing you will require is Raspberry Pi supported Restropi software connected with the internet.

  • Open the RetroPie and on the main screen, you will see a menu like a big rectangle icon with three other options Menu-Select-Choose on the bottom.
  • You will have to click on RetroPie written in yellow color with a symbol of a red color joystick.
  • You will a menu that includes 13 options where you have to select the RETROPIE SETUP option.


  • The last option in this menu is WiFi, where you can check the connection setting for the retropie with the internet which is essential to have properly.
  • Now you will have a blue screen with different options. You have to select the third option Manage Packages.


  • You will see another blue screen with 5 options. Choose the third option Manage Optional Packages.


  • Now, you will see many options assigning numbers where you have to find the Kodi. Remember the number for the Kodi is 308.


  • After Selecting Kodi you will redirect to another blue screen.
  • Now, You will have two options on the same blue screen where you have to choose Install from Binary option. The other option is to get help what we are doing here for you. So you just don’t need it.


  • Now the black screen will come running codes will see here. The downloading process would have started. Now make sure your internet is working properly. Keep patience it will take some time, about a minute.


  • After downloading just restart the system. (Menu – Quit – Restart Emulation Station.)


  • Now, again you will be on the main screen showing the rectangle icon. Now click on Ports.


You will find Kodi under Ports.


Now enjoy unlimited entertainment with Kodi. Videos, Movies, and music.

Wait, the installation process is easy but the using process of the Kodi app is not an easy one.

When you will open the Kodi app, on its home screen you will see different menus on the left-hand side. They were for Movies, Tv shows, Radio, Add-ons, music, etc.

By clicking on every menu you will see a message on space right side. The message will tell you that the library is empty and given two options – Enter File Section and Remove This Main Menu Item.

It’s mean you don’t have anything right now to enjoy you have to add a source to have stuff you like. To add source follow below steps –

  • Go to the settings, second option on the left upper side.
  • Select the file manager option.
  • Select add source.
  • Now you will have a search box to search the website from where you want to add resource files.



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