How to Install Kodil Repo on Kodi 17.6 & Leia 18 (2019)


For Kodi 17.6 and Kodi 18.0 (Leia), Kodil Repo is a world-famous repository. The most Kodi addons for watching free films, TV shows and videos can be found within this repository. Whether you want Nemesis or FapZone’s adult add-ons (XXX Kodi add-on), Live Hub and Cerebro IPTV Kodi addons or you want to watch live Sports Channels-you can install all of this from a single repository.

A Kodi add-on repository is primarily a combined resource that enables Kodi users to quickly and easily access a selection of add-ons. They’re all about every unofficial Kodi add-on, and web sites and media groups are creating and hosting them throughout the Web. Repository teams ensure that the supplements are always up to date and functional, but not 100% reliable.

kodil Repo

In addition to the convenience of several add-ons in a single package, repositories also allow users to update their files. When a developer releases an update, users of Kodi that downloads an add-on without a repository will not be notified. However, they are warned about any update with a repository and can easily download it. This is important because add-ons usually receive their contents from other sources and they often disappear without notice or offline.

An add-on is a software component which serves as an extension to Kodi core software, which quickly and easily provides new functions and features. In most cases, things like sports or TV broadcasting, films and shows archived, translations of subtitles and on request content from a wide variety of sources are involved. Add-ons are designed to work with any Kodi version, regardless of which device.

Follow these steps to install Kodil Repo on Kodi 18.0 (Leia)

Step 1: Run Kodi First, execute Kodi on your device. You will then go to Apps > if you are using Kodi on firestick and find Kodi and start it.

Step 2: Choose now Settings icon. The icon for the configuration looks like a gearbox.

Step 3: Open system parameters. You have to open system parameters from different lists to make changes to some developers.

Step 4: From the left sidebar, select Add-ons to change some settings that allow you to install any third-party add-ons.

Step 5: Enable Unknown Sources. By default, this option is not allowed to access your system unauthorized. Enable unknown sources so that both official and unofficial Kodi add-ons can be installed in your device.

Now we are ready to start the installation of Kodil repo.

Step 6: Go back to Kodi Home Screen and click Settings.

Step 7: Next, click on File manager.

Step 8: Click Add Source.

Step 9: Click on <None> to add a link.

Step 10: Now enter the link to the source of Kodil repo, that is

Step 11: Enter the name of media source as Kodil.

Step 12: Now go back to Home Screen and Select Add-Ons option from the left sidebar.

Step 13: Select the icon for package installer from the top left corner.

Step 14: Now select Install from zip file.

Step 15: When you see the media source name you have entered earlier, click on that.

Step 16: Select repository.

Step 17: When you click OK, Kodi will start installing the repository. You will soon see an add-on installed notification.

You are done. The Kodil repo 2019 is now installed on Kodi, now you can install add-ons that you like by following below steps:

Step 16: Select Install from the repository.

Step 17: Click repository.

Step 18: Choose Video Add-Ons.

Step 19: Next click on the name of the add-on that you want to install.

Step 20: Click on the Install button.

Kodi will install it and notify you once installed.



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