How to Install One Alliance Reborn Build on Kodi 18 Leia


One Reborn Alliance is one of Kodi add-ons most reputed sources and builds these days. This source is available on the OneAlliance Reborn Wizard, which hosts four builds. The builds have a good video collection for films, shows, live TVs, sports, etc for both Kodi 18 Leia and Kodi 17.6 preloaded. One Alliance Reborn constructs are attractive, but still simple to look at.

One Alliance Reborn Kodi is medium-sized and performs well on nearly all devices. Go forward and try these builds.

Enable Unknown Resources

The default design of Kodi software is that you don’t install builds (or add-ons) from any third-party. However, this design can be circumvented. Therefore, you should check Unknown Resources when you want to install a build by using the following steps:

  • Start Kodi and go to the home screen and click the Settings icon. (This icon looks like a cog and is located in the top-left).

how to install One Alliance Reborn kodi builds

  • In the next window, click System Settings on Kodi 17.6 and just System on Kodi Leia Kodi.

kodi one alliance reborn builds

  • Now go left on the following screen and choose Add-ons to install the reborn alliance on Kodi.

install one alliance reborn builds on kodi

  • Click on the option Unknown sources and switch it on One Alliance reborn.

One Alliance Reborn

  • When the next message appears with a warning of the potential dangers of installing external builds/add-ons, ignore it and click Yes one alliance reborn Kodi.

One Alliance Reborn kodi

  • You have configured Kodi to install the one alliance reborn builds. We can begin now.

Install One Alliance Reborn Build on Kodi

There are a number of steps involved in the installation process. It may be challenging, but it’s actually quite easy. To make matters even simpler, I will split the process as follows in three key parts:

Part 1: Add One Alliance Reborn Source to  Kodi.

Part 2: Install One Alliance Reborn Wizard

Part 3: Install the Desired One Alliance Reborn Kodi Build.

Add One Alliance Reborn Source to  Kodi.

  • Go to Kodi Settings.

kodi One Alliance Reborn

  • Select File manager from the set of options.

One Alliance Reborn builds

  • As you can see, Add source is on both sides of the next window. Click any you like.

One Alliance Reborn

  • Now on the next window, click < None >.

One Alliance Reborn Kodi builds

  • An on-screen keyboard will open a new window.
  • Enter the following URL at the top of the empty space: http:/ and then click OK.

One Alliance Reborn kodi build installation

  • Now, once you return to this window, emphasize the Enter a name section for this media source.
  • Type any name for the source you remember, such as one. Click OK.

download One Alliance Reborn build on kodi

One Alliance Reborn source URL has been successfully added. Now we can go to the next part.

Install One Alliance Reborn Wizard

  • Click the Add-ons on the home screen from the left side of a left side of the alliance on Kodi Now, look at the top-left of the following window.

one alliance reborn on kodi

  • You must see an open box icon at the far left.

kodi one alliance reborn builds

  • The Wizards and Repository are packed into a zip file, click Install from zip file.

one alliance reborn kodi builds

  • To untangle a reborn alliance, click Install a zip-file to the following window titles ‘Install the zip-file.’
  • Click the name one on the popup window titles ‘Install from zip file’. If you chose a different source name earlier, that is the name you would like to click on.

download one alliance reborn builds

  • Next, click the zip file

best kodi build

  • Once the installation is done, the notification is displayed on the top-right side of the window. It could take a couple of minutes.


Note: Once you click the zip file above, the Wizard is installed in the background. Wait a few minutes, even if nothing seems to happen. The notification for installing the addon will be displayed.

One Alliance Reborn kodi

You might see a number of pop-up windows once the Reborn Wizard of the One Alliance is installed.

You have successfully installed the OneAlliance Reborn Wizard on Kodi. Now we go to the final part.

Install One Alliance Reborn Kodi Builds

As I write this guide, One Alliance Reborn hosts four Kodi builds:

  1. Arctic Mini Build (Kodi only 17.6)
  2. Attraction Build (Kodi 17.6 only)
  3. Red Wizard Build–Adults only (Kodi 17.6 & 18 Leia)
  4. Amazing Build (Kodi 18 only).

I will install the 1Arctic Mini Build for demonstration purposes in this guide. These are the steps:

  • You must start by running the Kodi add-on One Alliance Reborn Wizard.
  • Go back to the Kodi Home screen > Click Add-ons on the links menu > Open Program Add-ons > Click OneAlliance Reborn Wizard.

how to install One Alliance Reborn kodi build

Steps to install the build from the wizard:

  • Click Builds on the wizard’s main screen.

install one alliance reborn builds on kodi

  • Click 1Artic Mini Build.

Note: If you are using Kodi 18 Leia, select one of the Leia builds. Now, you are going to install the build from the wizard. You can also select any other Kodi Krypton to build.

one alliance reborn kodi builds

  • Click Fresh Install (it will reset to default configuration Kodi before installation)

Note: you can choose Standard Install as well, but it’s not a good idea, I believe. Kodi makes the best work if installed on Kodi and installs a new-born alliance with a clean slate.

fresh install one alliance reborn builds

  • Click Continue to verify you are ready to reset Kodi to the default settings.

force close kodi

Note: Depending on your Internet connection speed it might take several minutes to download this Kodi build. It also depends on the specs on which you download it.

download One Alliance Reborn builds

  • The build installation begins automatically when the download is finished. Close to 447 MB of original build data is unpacked and used on your device storage.

One Alliance Reborn kodi build

  • When the build gets successfully installed, a prompt will appear. Click Force Close.

how to get One Alliance Reborn kodi build

That’s all! You have successfully installed the desired One Alliance Reborn Kodi build. Restart Kodi and you will see the build in action.




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