How to Install Spotify Kodi Add-on


Music is a form of love and religion today. Almost everyone loves music out there, be it soft, party, spiritual or romantic music. Music is a sensation which takes are tiredness and convert it into a rhythm. A number of music applications are available in the phone market that will connect you to the music, one of them is the Spotify application. Spotify is a rival in the race of music applications.

The Spotify application will bring to you the latest to the oldest of music with easy access. You would love the quality of the song that it offers and even download the music and listen to it offline if you subscribe to its premium offers.


Now to take advantage of this application, we all might know how to download the Spotify from Kodi addons.

Downloading Spotify Add-ons

To download the Spotify add on you need to follow a short tutorial or a list of steps that will help you to download it.

Step 1: Your very first step is to allow downloads from unknown sources in your settings if you want to download your desired applications.

Step 2: Now open your Kodi program or application.

Step 3: Go to the settings option. In the settings click on the icon that says, file manager. Go to the file manager.

Step 4: You need to open the file manager and then click on the icon that says add the source.

Step 5: When you do the above step, you will be able to see a dialog box. In the dialog box you need to click on the icon saying none.

Step 6: When you click on, none just add the name of the file you wish to download or the name of the repository.

Step 7: Add the name to download the repository.

Step 8: You need to add the link or the name carefully then only you would be able to download it.

Step 9: To download the repository rename it according to your wish, as SuperRepo for instance but the name you enter should be new or not used before.

Step 10: After doing this go back. Now click on the addons.

Step 11: You need to click on the icon that says install from zip file so that your download is possible.

Step 12: When you click on install from the zip file you will have to choose the required name, here click the saved name SuperRepo.

Step 13: Next, you need to select the Kodi version that you are using that is krypton.

Step 14: In the next step click on all and then next.

Step 15: Now select the file

Step 16: Click on the ok icon and wait for it to download.

Step 17: When it is downloaded you will be notified.

You are done with the steps to download the Spotify addon. After downloading this you must see the steps for how to listen to music with the Spotify.

Steps to listen to music with Spotify Kodi add-on

The repository named SuperRepo that you downloaded has a number of add-ons for Kodi. What you need to do is install Spotify Kodi add on with the repository Superrepo. The repository has a number of video sites.

Step 1: Here your first step is to click on the icon install from repository. Clicking on this it will open you the repository.

Spotify Kodi add-on

Step 2: The next step would be to choose your repository that is SuperRepo that we have saved.

Step 3: Click on the icon Super repo All.

Spotify Kodi add-on

Step 4: Clicking on the saved repository, you will see a number of add ons on your screen. These add-ons are for videos, music, services, pictures and many other add-ons that might be useful to you.

Step 5: Since we are looking for a music addon click on the music add-ons.

Spotify Kodi add-on

Step 6: When you click on it, you will be displayed with a number of music add-ons. Click on the Spotify addon.

Spotify Kodi add-on

Step 7: You will be displayed with certain Spotify information and an install icon. Click on it.

Spotify Kodi add-on

Step 8: Now wait for a while until it is downloaded.

Step 9: When it is downloaded click on open and login, and enjoy the music.

Spotify Kodi add-on


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