Is Kodi Leia Beta version stable? Should I update to it?


Kodi 18 Leia Beta version has been released. The arrival of Kodi Leia has become the top trending news for almost a year. And tons of Kodi enthusiast had theorized lots of its features. In this guide, we’ll clarify the transition of Kodi 17 to 18. And what would be the upgrades along the path and finally what to expect from Kodi Leia 18. Nearly a year back, Kodi devs had released Leia Alpha 1. The first ever pre-release variant of Kodi Leia. The launch isn’t as expected.

Soon after its pre-release, the majority of the critics questioned devs. Why would they go to get a fresh one, when the old is like gold? Not only critics, but even most of the users on the Kodi community has the same question. To be able to keep them updated and also to retain the very best spot of the greatest media center, Kodi devs discovered the defects of Kodi 17 (krypton version) and started to rectify it. 

If you’re utilizing Kodi krypton for a very long time, you may have noticed that Kodi slows down when performing multiple tasks. This is principally because every script/function need the support of others. They aren’t standalone scripts. This is what the devs changed in Kodi 18.

This will mostly eliminate some of those common Kodi krypton errors like”Failed to install addiction” and”script failed Kodi error“. A few of those errors are annoying in Kodi. Rectifying these errors is a fantastic means to make Kodi as a top streaming program. This is one of the major repairs in Kodi Leia version. It also comes with its own bundle of issues. Leia is a big build. The graphics are fairly significant.

  • These problems are resolved from the Leia alpha 2 version. And devs also added some of the cool features like modifying the graphics to offer optimum performance. Because the majority of the consumers are utilizing Kodi on firestick, this is only one of those mandatory updates.
  • Alpha 2 version also has lots of big bug fixes like the fast start and a few related to performance. When compared to alpha 1 version, alpha 2 version’s functionality is great on the majority of the apparatus.

Kodi Beta Leia is the official release of the new variant of Kodi. Considering that the Kodi enter the beta cycle, we can expect only bug fixes. No new releases until the upcoming major upgrade.


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