Kodi Ad-Block Add-ons


We know that Kodi is an open software so it can be accessed by anyone and anywhere. We also know that one of the tops and the most popular applications that are being used to stream content online. This content may be videos, shows or movies that you would love to watch with awesome quality. It does not make use of any other media. It has its own media to stream your content.

We also use Kodi add-ons to help you streamline more and a wide variety of shows and movies on your devices. The add-ons that we use to stream content on Kodi are developed by different media houses and there are different Kodi add-ons for different preferences and different interests.

Kodi Ad-Blocker

The era of going and watching movies in the theatre and sitting in front of the television is close to a stop. The evolution to live online content is more preferred nowadays.

Kodi Ad-blocker

When you stream content on Kodi there are many issues and cases when there is an ad in between something so interesting. This becomes very irritating for done users. These advertisements can pop up from nowhere and disturb you for no reason. Since ads are for a commercial purpose and we know that the companies like Kodi are paid to play these so we can’t help it. But for sure we can block it.

The ads are played between the media so that the users are aware of certain commodities. But it seems to be irritating at some point in time.

So we are going to figure out about this issue in the below article. We will be discussing measured by which we can protect our Kodi through these ads and block them.

For this, you need to go through these steps that are mentioned.

  • First of all, open your Kodi program.
  • In this, you need to select the program’s menu.
  • When you see the notification menu click on it.
  • Now press c and go to the context.
  • Here you will be able to see the addon. These are add-on settings that you need to open.
  • You need to unsubscribe these and click on the ok button.


If you are searching for the best ad blockers this is the one. It will block adds through any site. Be it surfing the internet or using an application. It will block adds through all of these. But it would require some subscription first. You need to pay for this to a solid the benefit of blocking ads.

This is because it is available in premium content. You may think to pay for it but the work it does is great and would not let you think twice about its working so the price is worth its work. It will completely remove the ads and it won’t disturb you from watching content.

Ad-block plus

It is another one of the best applications that you can try out for blocking ads on your device.

It will eradicate all type of ads through your device. And one of the best things you need to know about this is that you can use it on any device since it is compatible with a number of these. You can use it on windows, Mac and even android.

U blocker

This is another add-on in the list of ad blockers. This is very popular among the ad blockers because of its good use and blocking services.

The add-on is basically being created by the Raymond’s and it will be available to you in premium content. It will help you to block the ads when you are streaming content on your Kodi or be it any other application of the program.



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