Kodi Addons for Kids – Kodi Anime and Cartoons Addons (2019)


Kodi has countless add-ons that offer recreation for children. Some of these add-ons give a range of material for both children and teenagers, while others are solely child-centred. The aforementioned add-ons are all safe to use and contain a lot of child-friendly material.


Film Rise

FilmRise is an autonomous distributor of movies and TV shows. There are effectively two FilmRise add-ons, but FilmRise-YouTube has a bigger library. That’s because it draws material from the formal YouTube channels of the business.

FilmRise has an amazing compilation of free-to-watch films, all classified by genre. There are some small organisational problems such as duplicate classifications, but the library is simple enough to browse given the absence of a query feature.

Thomas And Friends

There’s enough to maintain the children amused for hours. Admittedly, there are not many well-known games accessible, but there are complete episodes from several shows including Young Dracula and Popular Mechanics for Kids.

The Thomas and Friends Kodi addon would be an excellent option if your kid loves Thomas the Tank Engine. Still, this addon does not include any complete seasons of the series, but it offers hundreds of clips and compilation videos.

This addon is suffering from a messy menu framework. Clips are closely clustered depending on their main character or the film they originate from, but there is really no route to discover anything particular. As a consequence, this addon would, therefore, be especially suited for children who can not stay still without watching the TV.

PBS Kids

The addon PBS Kids has a database with over 40 TV shows for children. Each series has about four episodes, but there’s enough content here to keep the children busy for quite a long time. Unlike most affordable, kid-focused add-ons, PBS Kids enables you to view in HD.

PBS Kids layout is very straightforward. All accessible episodes are displayed on a single website and you can select a particular series to view by clicking on them. There are no settings choices and the clips are loading very quickly. It should be mentioned before you can even view anything, you will have to be in America or have an American IP address.

The addon of PBS Kids can be found in the official Kodi addon database.

Snag Films

Snagfilms is an independent film and documentary streaming platform. More than 5000 free-to-watch titles are presently accessible. Although no search feature exists, Snagfilms mainly offers lesser-known films so that this function would not benefit much anyway.

The media library of the Snagfilms is classified by category. That said, you should be conscious of some of the problems with its organisation. For a start, there are specific movies that do not suit young children in both the “Animation” and “The children and family” categories.

The addon for Snagfilms is available in the formal database of Kodi annexe.

Binky TV Add On

The Binky TV addon continues to offer over 50 shows for small children. The addon is also very easy and straightforward and has a folder and no setup options for each show. Some cases involve a source having its own folder, but that doesn’t make stuff too complicated.

Not each segment includes complete episodes. It should be mentioned. For example, the Cartoon Network folder provides short clips for longer shows. Since most of the material of Binky TV is for preschoolers, this is probably not an issue, however.

Binky TV provides a nice combination of material for recreation and instruction. Although some titles are quite unknown, classics such as Barney, Postman Pat, and Reading Rainbow are also available. While there are no TV shows in an overseas dialect, there is a complete segment that helps your kid discover the English language.

Usually, Binky TV is accessible from the Dandy Media repo but presently is not accessible. The SuperRepo database provides an earlier operating variant.

Tubi TV

This addon is the Tubi TV Kodi version for the same named subscription service. You can even avoid ads by downloading and connecting to Tubi TV via Kodi. Tubi TV is fully open, and you’ll never have to pay a fee for the numerous children’s TV shows and films.

Hundreds of television and films for children of every age as well as household films are available in Tubi TV.

Tubi TV imposes certain geographical limitations, so if you have connections from the U.S., Canada or the U.K., you’ll have distinct content. You can, though, access the full Tubi TV library if you use a VPN while linking.

Funimation Now

Funimation Now offers simple access to your favourite anime releases in English. If you have a separate subscription set accessible, you have to charge for your subscription in order to get full access to the entire Funimation Now library. You can get full entry at $5.99 per month. You get complete services for a whole year also at $59.99.

Crunchy Roll

An additional alternative to access a range of anime releases is Crunchyroll. This should be your destination if you’d like to see an anime in English instead of in dubbed English. Just like Funimation Now you must sign up to a premium package in order to gain entry to the complete anime catalogue on Crunchyroll. Crunchyroll premium deals begin at $6.95 per month.



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