Kodi Pulse CCM Build Installation Guide for Krypton 17.3


Kodi is a free and open-source media player software application. Collection of Kodi add-ons and Kodi repositories is called ‘Kodi build’. By installing a Kodi build, the user will get a list of add-ons, amazing Kodi skins and more. Pulse CCM is a very popular Kodi build. Because of the clean user interface and very regular updates, Pulse CCM build has been well accepted by many people. Pulse CCM build is compatible with windows, TV boxes and Firestick. Ares Wizard Kodi add-on is required to install Pulse CCM build.

Before installing Pulse CCM build we have to install Ares Wizard.

Installation steps of Ares Wizard are as follows :

Step 1: First, open Kodi player app. Now you can see the ‘settings’ icon on the left side of the screen. Click on the ‘settings ‘ icon.

Kodi Settings

Step 2: Now, several settings options will appear on the screen. Click on ‘ File Manager’ option at the bottom of the screen.

Kodi File Manager

Step 3: Under the file manager, there will be two options – ‘profile directory’ and ‘ ‘add source’. Select ‘add source’  option.

Kodi Add Source

Step 4: A dialogue box will appear on the screen. Now, double click on ‘none’ and next click on ‘ok’.

Select None

Step 5: A new screen will appear which asks ‘enter the paths or browse for the media locations.’

Step 6: Type URL ‘http://ares-repo.eu’, give a proper file name for download and then press ok. Next press the Esc button and go back to the main menu.

Enter the URL

Step 7:  Select  ‘add-ons’ in the main menu. Now a new screen will appear. Click on the ‘Add-ons’ icon on the left side of the screen.


Step 8: A menu will appear on the screen. Now,  select ‘install from zip file’.

Install from zip file

Step 9: Under ‘install from zip file’ select the file already downloaded i.e, repository.aresproject.zip . Now, double click on it, to install the file.

repository file

Once installation completes, the Ares project Add-on will appear on the top right corner of the screen.

Now, let’s see how to install Pulse CCM build using the Ares project.

Pulse CCM build installation procedure :

Step 1: Go to the main menu and select add-ons. Click on add-ons icon on top left corner of the screen.

Step 2: Now the list of options will appear on the screen. Select ‘install from repository’.

Install from the repository

Step 3: Under ‘ install from repository’, search for ‘Ares project’ repository and double click on it.

Ares Project

Step 4: A screen will appear now, where you can see the list of add-on categories. There will be music add-ons, video add-ons, program add-ons and so on. Select ‘ program add-ons’.

Program Add-ons

Step 5: Now , you will find ‘Ares wizard ‘ under program add-ons. Click on ‘Ares Wizard’.

Ares Wizard

Step 6: A new screen will appear now. At the bottom of the screen, you can find ‘install’ option. Just click on install and installation process will start. It will take some time to complete the installation.

Install Ares Wizard

Step 7: Once the installation is done, you will get a notification. After receiving this notification, go to Ares Wizard screen. There will be an icon called ‘open’  at left most bottom of the screen. Click it to open the add-on.


After installation, you can go to ‘ program add-ons’. Under program add-ons, Ares wizard is available now. Tap on Ares wizard. It will take some time to load while opening it for the first time.

Step 8: Ares Wizard home page will appear now. There will be a menu row at the top which includes browsing builds, add-ons, settings, back –up tools and more. Now we need to search Pulse CCM build.  Hence, click on ‘Browse build’.

Step 9: A long list of several builds will appear now. From that list, choose ‘Pulse’  which will be just below Ares build. Next select ‘ Pulse CCM build for krypton’.

Step 10: Now a new window will appear. There you can select either to scan QR code or ‘get pin’. For Kodi users on desktop, laptop, smart TV, Apple TV   etc can scan QR code using a smartphone.

Step 11: Once you enter the code, click on ‘done’ option. Now it will take little time to download the files. Next, it will extract downloaded files. User needs to be patient until it completes all these processes.

Step 12: Once all process completed, the user will be given two options; either to fresh start Kodi or to retain all stuff and data.

If you select a fresh start, it will delete all old stuff and data of Kodi and installs Pulse CCM build freshly.

Otherwise, click no option and then click proceed. Give permission to close Kodi when it asks. Your stuff and data will remain as it is and Kodi will be closed now. Then restart Kodi again. Now you can see new amazing Kodi interface by Pulse CCM build!!



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