P2P Sports Kodi Addon Installation Guide


In the Kodi world, there is a number of repositories and addons available, but the bigger problem is that does all of them function properly? As some of them may be shut down or some are outdated. So what to do if you want to stream high-quality content without wasting time on installing these useless addons and repositories. Here in this article, we will tell you about the addon named P2P sports addon. Talking about P2P sports addon, it is video streaming addon that let you watch live streaming of sports on Kodi.

There are a lot of methods to install this Kodi addon of which some may work some may not. But here in this method, we will tell you the procedure that has worked for us and many of our users. P2P is a very simple and basic UI, which make it one of the best live streaming addon available on Kodi. So without wasting time, we will move to the point about what is P2P addon and how to install and use this addon on your Kodi.

What is P2P Sports Kodi Addon?

All the sports enthusiasts love to follow every single match of their favourite team. They wait for their favourite players to perform on the field. So is there any option to watch live on the device where you have installed Kodi? Well then have best add on is P2P (peer to peer Sports Addon) sports Kodi addon.

In P2P  sports addon helps in streaming live sports by using peer to peer technology for better live streaming on Kodi. There are various feedbacks and reviews regarding P2P sports addon with claiming with one of the best addons from live streaming on Kodi. Also, the P2P sports addon uses a wide variety of sources to stream Live sports.


How to Install P2P Sports Kodi Addon?

First and foremost, we have to download the Zip file of P2P addon and for downloading a plugin that goes to the link plugin.video.p2psport-master and remember your downloading path. Also check out kodi keyboard shortcuts

  • Now open Kodi. From the home screen of your Kodi and on the left side of the screen, you can find the menu. You will see addons on the menu. Just click on it.


  • Now the list of the addons installed in your system will appear. On the left side of the screen, you will find the categories of add-ons. There you will find a box icon at the top. Just click on it.

p2p-add-on-kodi-package installer

  • It will take you to the installation page of addon and there you will find options like Install from the zip file, Install from repository, Recently updated, My addons and search. As we have downloaded the zip file for installation, then choose install from zip file.

p2p-add-on-kodi-Install from zip file

  • Now go to the downloads section of your system. Here we have to select the Zip file that we have downloaded above and we named it as plugin.video.p2psport-master.zip.
  • Wait for few seconds till the installation is completed. Once it is installed, you will get a pop-up notification that addon is installed successfully and Now simply click on the installed add on to use it to stream live sports.

How to Watch Live Sports Using P2P Sports Kodi Addon?

  1. After installation is complete go back to the home screen and there go to the addons -> video addons. There you can find P2P sports Kodi add on and click on it to open the addon.
  2. After you open the addon, there you will see some of the sports channels list. However not all of them are working, but you can try livefootballvideo.com, livefootballol.com, 1torrent.tv and Torrent-tv.ru (sport) they will work for you.
  3. Now let we help you by showing an example to watch popular sports channel using this addon. First, go to the livefootballvideo.com, livefootballol.com, 1torrent.tv and Torrent-tv.ru (sport).
  4. As you enter torrent-tv, there you will find some of the popular sports channels like Bt sports, Sky sports, Euro sports, CBC Sports, Viasat sports, X sports, Setanta Tv sports, Real Madrid Tv, Sports 1+, Super Tennis HD and many other Russian sports channels.
  5. Now, you have to just click on any one of them to start watching. As you click on it process will start for streaming channel and window will move to ace stream player, where you can check seeds and peers.
  6. As the buffering completes, your match will start streaming in real-time. This method will work for all other channels and one more thing is to noted that this addon requires ace stream add for proper functioning. If you have installed it on your system then before using P2P install plexus Ace stream and then open P2P


Well that all for the procedure to install and use P2P sports Kodi addon. So in order to enjoy amazing features of Kodi addon and stream live sports go on with this method. Please feel free to share this amazing sports streaming addon with your friends & family and if you have any suggestions and queries related to it feel free to contact us.


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