How to Play Games on Kodi with Best Kodi Gaming Add-ons


Kodi is a free and open-source media player software application. Using Kodi application people can watch TV shows, movies, sports, Live TV and much more for free! People can install Kodi on their Android devices, iOS devices and PC.

Another exciting feature added Kodi is, people can play games on Kodi player!! Kodi 18 and higher versions have included a feature called Retroplayer which allows users to play retro games in Kodi. And there are many Kodi gaming Add-ons available using which you can play several interesting games. ‘Kodi Add-on’ is another piece of application which can be added to Kodi software in-order to enhance the functionality of Kodi program. Add-ons are used to stream video/audio from internet through Kodi player, hence act as a bridge between Kodi and media sources. Multiple Kodi Add-ons will be stored in ‘ Kodi Repository’.

Kodi Gaming Addon

Official Kodi repository will provide a list of Kodi add-ons, but there are much more add-ons available outside Kodi. Updated versions of Kodi player comes with the built-in emulator and a new add-on named  Internet Archive ROM launcher which helps to play retro games on Kodi player for free. Kodi Retroplayer is available for Android and PC (Windows, Mac etc).

To play games on Kodi, the user needs to install Internet Archive ROM launcher game add-on. After installation, the user has to do some initial configuration settings to play games. Let’s see step by step process of games add-on installation and configuration.

Kodi Games Addon Installation Steps

To install the third-party add-on, the user must go to settings à system settings à add-ons. And then enable ‘unknown sources’ in their Kodi software. Internet Archive ROM launcher add-on available in ‘’ Zach Morris Repository”. Therefore, User needs to install this Repository on their Kodi player in-order to get Internet Archive ROM launcher add-on. ‘’Zach Morris Repository” file source is

Step 1: Download latest version of Kodi Retroplayer test build for your device from its official website. Then follow the simple instructions on the screen to install the Kodi Retro player.

Step 2: Open Kodi player on your device. Got o ‘settings’ option on the horizontal menu bar at the top left of the screen.

Step 3: Several options will appear under settings. Click on ‘file manager’ at the bottom of the screen.

Step 4: File manager will open now with several options. Then click on ‘ add source’ at the left side bottom of the screen.

Step 5: Now ‘ Add file source’ window will pop -up. Where you can see a box with text ‘<None>’. Here you need to enter the paths or browse the media location.

Then, enter the URL “” and select ‘OK’.

Step 6: Now, it will ask to enter a name for the source file. User can give any name for the source file. Better to provide relevant name as ‘fusion’ and then press ‘ok’. Reconfirm URL and source file name and then select OK.

Step 7: Next, go to the home screen of Kodi player app and select ‘Add-ons’ from the left side vertical menu bar.

Step 8: A new window will appear now. Click on package installer icon located at the top left corner of the screen.

Step 9: Now, you can see five options under add-ons. Here, select “install from zip file”.

Step 10: You can see the list of zip files under ‘Install from zip file’. Select ‘fusion’ server folder that you have already added.

Step 11: Then, select “Kodi-repos” folder and choose ”English” category.

Step 12: Next, scroll down the page and search for (1.0.0 is the version number of Zach Morris zip file. If the repository is updated, the new version number will appear)

Step 13: Kindly wait for Zach Morris Repository zip file installation to complete. Once installation completes, a notification will appear on the top right corner of the screen.

Step 14: Next, If you are in the add-on window, continue by clicking ‘ install from repository’.

Otherwise, go to the home page of Kodi player. Select add-ons and then click on package installer icon on the top left. Now, select ‘Install from repository’ under Add-ons.

Step 15: List of Repositories available in your Kodi app will appear now. Choose Zach Morris  Add-ons Repository from the list.

Step 16: A new window with four options will appear now. Choose ‘Game add-ons’ from the list.

Step 17: Then, select ‘Game providers’ option. A new window will appear now. Here Click on  ‘’ Internet Archive ROM launcher” add-on

Step 18: Click on ‘install‘ option at the bottom right of the new window appear next. Select ‘OK‘ in the next window to accept the installation of additional add-ons.

Step 19: Kindly Wait until the installation process completes. Once installation completes, a notification saying ‘’Internet Archive ROM launcher Add-on installed‘‘ will appear on the screen.

This completes the installation process of  Internet Archive ROM launcher game add-on. Now, let’s see how to do initial configuration set-up to play games on Kodi app.

Step 1: Once installation completes, click on the ‘’configure’’ option at the bottom left of the screen.

Step 2: A new window will appear now. Here click on ‘’External launchers’’ option located on the vertical menu bar at the left side of the screen.

Step 3: Then, select “My system type’’ and select your device platform from the list.

Step 4: Now, got to the “Setup Wizard” option located on the vertical menu bar at the left side of the screen.

Step 5: Click on ‘’Emulate launcher’’ and select ‘’Kodi Retroplayer’’. Next, click on ‘’OK’’ at the right side of widow.

Step 6: Now, return back to the home screen of Kodi player and go to ‘’Add-ons’’ section.

Select ‘’Game Add-ons’’.

Step 7: Launch Internet Archive ROM launcher add-on. Click on ‘’Agree’’ option to accept all terms and conditions.

Now, you are entered into the game world!! Select any retro game you want to play and click on ‘’launch’’ option to download the game. You need to select ‘ game emulator’ to play the downloaded game. Retro games emulator is a software that enables to play retro games on your Kodi player. Latest versions of  Kodi app has in-built emulator, so nothing to worry!

Popular Kodi Game Add-ons

  • Internet Archive Game Launcher: This is best Kodi game add-on because with the installation of this add-on you can play plenty of games on Kodi player. Due to its small footprints, it has limited system requirements. This add-on is available in the Zach Morris repository.
  • Advanced launcher: This add-on enables you to play your PC games directly from the media centre. This add-on is available in official Kodi repository.
  • Free ROMs downloader: This is the best game add-on to play retro games on Kodi. very popular and user-friendly add-on
  • KODI blackjack: This add-on is available in the super repository. This is very popular using which user can play exciting games.
  • ROM collection browser: It allows to play both PC games and retro video games. This add-on provides game information and settings option also. This is also one of the best gaming add-ons for Kodi users.

These are some of the best game Add-ons for Kodi users. Enjoy your free time by playing exciting games in Kodi player!!



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