Revved up Kodi Add-on Installation guide and Review


Revved up Kodi addon particularly covers the NASCAR events as well as sports. It is fundamentally a video Kodi addon. It is obtainable in the Noobsandnerds Repository. Its contents are characterized into Nascar replays 2017, Nascar replays 2016, Tech Talk, Spectacular Wrecks in addition to much more.

It is one of the unique best sports Kodi addons unambiguously envisioned for racing events. It has a lot of segments comprising Nascar replays 2017, Nascar replays 2016, Tech Talk, Spectacular Wrecks and considerably more. Live Events is one of the new supplementary features extant in this addon in addition to it is under developing process. In future, It shows the live actions which are happening at NASCAR. Nowadays we can see it in the following as declared one by one.

Nascar replays 2016:

If you are going inside into this administration, you can see the fraction of Series which had been focussed by Nascar in the year of 2016. There are some series recorded as NASCAR Sprint Cup Series-Full Race- Ford 400, Full Race-Ford 300 in addition to suggestively more.

Tech Talk:

It is one of the finest feature present in this addon. It takes account of the list of videos like the prominence of pit boxes, making walls harmless, Tire Stagger, Fuel Cell Security, Pedal Arrangement plus so on. Similarly, you have to use all the features extant in this addon.


  • From the Kodi Homepage, the gear sign is clicked.

  • Now from the System settings menu, the File Manager is selected.

  • Now from the File Manager, the Add source is double-clicked.

  • Now the Add file source dialog box is seen on the screen. In that, choose the <None>.

  • At this point, you have to move in the path for the essential repository. Now enter the path as “”. Make sure that the entered URL is accurate and click OK.

  • Here you can enter whichever name which you need for the media foundation. Now the name as Noobsandnerds is entered as well as ok is clicked.

  • After carrying out the directly above process, circumnavigate to the Kodi Homepage in addition to choose the Add-ons.

  • Here you can choose the Package Installer icon which is existent at the Top-left corner.

  • Now you have to choose to install the zip file to discover the source.

  • Here you can discover the source name which you have by this time pass in Step 6. Now you can choose the foundation as Noobsandnerds.

  • Now you can choose the repository zip file as “noobsandnerds Rep (2.0).zip” in addition to waiting for few seconds however the repository concludes its installation procedure.

  • Now the popup clearly utters that the noobsandnerds Repository is installed magnificently.

  • Here you can choose the Install option from repository to look through the mandatory repository.

  • Now the list of repositories is presented. In that, you can choose the “noobsandnerds Repository”.

  • Now from the noobsandnerds Repository the Video add-ons are chosen.

  • In the noobsandnerds repository, the list of addons is displayed which are existent in it. In that, you can discover as well as choose the “Revved Up” addon.

  • Now in the installation window, the Install option is clicked.

  • Here you requisite to choose the version as “Version 0.0.3(noobsandnerds Repository)” as well as wait for few seconds however the addon finishes its installation procedure.

  • Now the popup undoubtedly points out that the Revved Up Kodi addon installed magnificently and all set for use.

  • Now you enter into this addon after you can click on the Open.



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