Rocket VPN Review


VPNs have an extensive range of uses: they deal with the benefit of securing your data, making your online happenings private, and permitting you to fake being in another country, as well as other innovative uses. Appreciatively, for us Android users, one app be able to cut through the clutter and deals with a simple and usable VPN. There are a lot of prodigious VPN services out there, but if you’re using an Android device and looking for a simple VPN with a clean user interface and cheap subscription price, you’ve found it. This application is the Rocket VPN.

Rocket VPN

Rocket VPN is an application through which Android users are permitted to encrypt their private mobile data, unblock biologically restricted content, surf fast and incognito, and avoid being watched by third parties for the supreme in rapidity, safety in addition to confidentiality.


There are abundant amounts of free VPN providers screaming for your attention. So, how does the Irish founded RocketVPN form up in terms of privacy, security, reliability in addition to speed? Right out of the box, RocketVPN offers 250MB unrestricted bandwidth each month to every single user as well as right to use to their USA server. This free variety is ad-supported however paid subscribers have the ads distant from them. Premium subscribers will also have the right to use additional 9 geographical server locations, such as Australia, UK, Netherlands, France, and Singapore plus limitless bandwidth. This aids you to side-step any restricted content in your contemporary location, as well as even, hide your activity from your mobile provider.

So, YouTube, Spotify or Netflix are all within a few clicks as well as, enhanced yet, their servers are much speedier than other VPNs so this permits you to stream videos or music devoid of interruptions or negotiating your connection speed. If you habitually hook-up to public Wi-Fi networks (cafes, restaurants, hotels), this VPN will make sure your IP rests anonymous so you can browse steadily away from snooping eyes in addition to hackers.

RocketVPN deliveries a native app for Android and iOS involving a simple user interface that will require no methodological knowledge to get up in addition to running. It’s very lightweight – captivating only 15MB of space in your phone. Encompassed within the app is a bandwidth monitor to aware you when you’re consecutively low on bandwidth. You also have the option to open further apps (like what’s App, Chrome or Spotify) employing the “Add Launcher” option, which forces all data to go through to the VPN servers as an alternative of your mobile providers.

When it comes to speeds, VPNs have a habit of slowing down your connection to a convinced degree. RocketVPN, as their title suggests, succeeds to preserve high speeds with their funded version. However, you might come across lethargic performance with their free service. To side-step slow speeds, it’s in general wise to choose a server location that’s only slowed down but can persist to be quicker if you choose a server. With over 1 million downloads to date, RocketVPN is very dependable plus unwavering mobile VPN. The premium package comes at very reasonably priced with the option to pay monthly or yearly.

  • Android and iOS app
  • 250MB free monthly bandwidth
  • Limitless bandwidth for premium users
  • Up to 10 server locations
  • Stress-free to navigate the app
  • Get on-going with Rocket VPN now


Your data is encrypted, an implication that you can browse the Internet over indiscreet Wi-Fi networks (like at Starbucks) without distressing, or you can rest confidently that your ISP isn’t snooping on your Web activities. Secondly, you can bypass geo-restrictions. Americans can access the UK-only BBC iPlayer, Indians can access US-only facilities< like Netflix, and so on. Not only can your location not be followed, but the matters of your data can’t be either. This will help you browse the Web namelessly.


One of the downsides to most VPNs is that your data speeds are decelerated down a bit. When you’re running all your data over a server that’s pretty far away and put into code, that’s going to dawdling down your download and upload speeds a bit. Rocket VPN almost certainly isn’t going to have that much of an influence on your speeds.


It’s categorically nice to see more and more applications integrating Google’s Material Design philosophies. This makes for a more unchanging look across Android, for instance, attractive apps, like Rocket VPN.



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