The Pyramid Kodi Add-on | Installation and Usage Guide(2019)


There are a number of Kodi add ons that are created by now. And you must know that each of these add-ons has different times some of them stay longer and some of them just vanish.

One of the Kodi add-ons named The Pyramid is also one of the leading add-ons nowadays. It is an add-on that will combine different features and will provide you in one package. This add-on will help you watch shows, TV and movies too on your device. With this, you are also able to watch cartoons, documentaries and listen to the radio too.

Now since we are talking about The Pyramid add-on let us get into the topic and have a wider discussion on the topic.


Since now we are going to discuss the Kodi add-ons you should also be aware of the privacy issues and the risks of using online streaming. Since you need protection and want a safe search and good streaming experience you should try the VPN. This VPN will help you out protect your privacy and will not reveal your identity while you are making use of the internet.

Now let us have some idea about the pyramid add-on of the Kodi application.

The Pyramid add-on

The add-ons of Kodi are giving great competition to the companies of Netflix and the other leading studios. A few days back the add-on that is covenant was closed, this is due to the reason that they prevail in the greet areas which hampers their existence. Due to these reasons, Kodi users try to search for the other alternatives.

At one stage the pyramid add-on was also left in the way to close. But it returned back earlier. This is considered to be one those best add ons that give you the feature if one in all.

Now let us discuss how to install the add-on.

Process of installing the pyramid add-on

The pyramid add-on has gone through a number of changes in the past months and years. So you should know how you need to install this and where will you be finding the repository and the official site. So in order to make the installation easier, we have mentioned a guide below that will help you with the process and you will be able to carry the process in an easier way.

Since Kodi has been accused many times of the piracy issues you won’t be able to download any of the third-party applications on your device and the add-ons. So to do so you need to follow these steps. These will help you deal with the issues.

  • First of all, open your Kodi application.
  • You need to go to the settings menu through the gear icon.
  • Here you need to select the system settings.
  • In this menu select the add-ons. When you do you will able to see the unknown sources option.
  • You just need to click on it and allow the downloads from the unknown sources.

Installation process

Now let us begin with the process for how can you download the pyramid add-on on your Kodi.

For doing this you will first have to add a new source to the Kodi application.

Step 1: Go to the Kodi home screen by launching Kodi. Here you need to click on the gear icon.

Step 2: Here you need to select the settings and tap on the file manager option when you see it.

The Pyramid Kodi Addon


Step 3: Now when you see the add source option. Click on it twice.

The Pyramid Kodi Addon

Step 4: A pop up will appear on your screen. When you see it you need to click on the <None> option.

The Pyramid Kodi Addon

Step 5: Now in the next step you would be asked to enter the URL. The URL that you would search will be

The Pyramid Kodi Addon

Step 6: Now you should give a name to the file you are saving. You can save it as TeamZT.

The Pyramid Kodi Addon

Step 7: After doing the above step press OK.

Now you are done with the half process.  Now you have to use this source to install the repository you wish to.

Step 8: Now switch back to the home screen of Kodi.

Step 9: Go to the add-ons menu.

The Pyramid Kodi Addon

Step 10: Now what you need to do us just tap on the open box icon.

Step 11: In the next step you need to select the installation from zip file.

The Pyramid Kodi Addon

Step 12: Here search for the source you have saved and open it.

Step 13: When you open it you will see You need to tap on it and as you do that the installation will begin.

The Pyramid Kodi Addon

Step 14: After a few moments you will see a pop up which will say that the ZT repo is downloaded.

When you open this repository you will find the Pyramid add-on.

Step 15: Open the home screen of Kodi. Select the add-ons menu, again and again, tap on the open box icon.

Step 16: This time you would need to select the installation from the repository.

The Pyramid Kodi Addon

Step 17: Go to the ZT repository and in its search for video add-ons. Now open the pyramid add-on.

The Pyramid Kodi Addon

Step 18: When you do so you will see install icon. Click on it.

The Pyramid Kodi Addon

After you have done this and installed the pyramid add-on. Switch back to the home screen and see what’s new.



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