Thunderstruck Kodi Addon Installation Guide and Review


It’s not possible for a music lover to be without ThunderStruck! Thunderstruck is the best music add-ons among all the music add-ons out there. It has videos from concerts to music videos, so if you’re looking for it then, use this guide to download and install it today. But remember that repo is not part of the official Kodi repository; it is not supported by the Kodi team.


Some individual development team supports repo so you cannot ask for help going to the Kodi website. However, a VPN allows private access to all Kodi add-ons. Thus, ExpressVPN is the best out of all that is a fast and no-log VPN. It can use in Fire TV app for changing IP and unblock restrictions. Now let’s dive into the steps to install the ThunderStruck Addon on Kodi.

How To Install Thunderstruck Kodi Addon?

The following are the steps to install the ThunderStruck Addon on Kodi, so follow the steps carefully. Here we go!

  • On the home page of Kodi click on the gear icon and from the System menu select the File Manager.
  • From the File Manager, you will get the Add source option, so double click on it.
  • After that, an Add file source popup window will appear on the screen you need to select None.
  • So now, you have to enter the path for the required repository type this link
  • But make sure that you type the correct path as shown in here and then click on Ok.
  • Now, you have to enter the name for the media source you can keep any name as you like and click OK.
  • Once done, you can navigate to the Kodi Homepage and then select the addons.
  • On the top-left corner, you will see the Package Installer icon, so select the Package Installer icon and select the Install from zip file.
  • Now, you have to select the name of the source which you had entered in step 6.
  • After that, select the repository zip file of the source and then wait for a few seconds until the installation process finishes.
  • A pop up will appear on the screen saying that repository installation is successful.
  • Now select the Install from the repository and select the source repository that you have given a name earlier.
  • After that, you can select the Music add-ons and then select the ThunderStruck addon and select the Install option.
  • It will only take a few seconds, so wait for some time until the add-on completes its installation process.
  • Again a pop up will appear on the screen saying that the installation of ThunderStruck addon is successful.
  • Now, you have click on the Open so that you can enter into this addon. That’s it!

Review of Thunderstruck Kodi Addon

Among all the music addons, Thunderstruck is the best addons to watch the videos from concerts to music videos. It is available on the  Swiper Dan’s Repository, and it’s well categorized in six categories. Also, it’s streaming quality is pretty good. Moreover, it has a search feature that will be easy to look for the music contents.

Categories of Thunderstruck Kodi Addon

It has six main sections, and those are Music, Radio, Concerts, Music Videos, Karaoke, and Favourites. So let’s see in detail down below.


Music has a lot of subcategories like 60’s Music, Greatest Hits, Legends, Genres, Top of the Pops, Various Artists, and much more. In the Top of the Pops, you will get tons of Pops albums which have been sorted out from a year like 1964-1969, 1970-1974, and so on. In the Genres section, you will get Pop, Hip Hop, Grime, Rap, Comedy, Rock, Country, Metal, and more.


In concerts, there are five sub-categories which are Reading + Feeds Festival 2017, Classic Rock, Main, Live Aid, and Glastonbury 2017. If you want to listen to popular music like Green Day-Bullet In a Bible, Foo Fighters, and more then, you need to go to the main section. Live Aid has a total of 11 parts, and Classic Rock includes Dire Straits TV- HD, Led Zeppelin, Queen Live At Wembley, and much more.

Music Videos:

In the Music Videos sections, there are five sub-categories like Mix, ThunderStruck Picks, Back to the ’80s, Rock, Country, and Music Videos Mix. If you are fond of the old music then, you can watch and listen to the evergreen music from old to new.


Karaoke is a new category that has five different sub-categories such as well known music in the year 1960 and 1970, the ’80s, and ’60s & ’70s, Rock, Country, and Pop.

In Conclusion

Thunderstruck Kodi addon has all the best contents that are related to music. There are no issues till now all the content are working well. So this was the guide on Thunderstruck Kodi addon Installation guide and review. Thanks for reading it!



  1. I have been trying to install this for the past 48 hours and I get the same answer. “Couln’t retrieve directory information. This could be due to the network not being connected.” I change my connections from wi-fi to ethenet and vice-versa with the same result.

  2. How do you access Relaxpinoy on Team Pinoy…..Bangon Pinoy now got 5 minutes of Shows instead of the full 30 minutes…..what is happening?


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