Unable to create application. Exiting – Kodi Error


You may face the problem with the new version of Kodi, It may come-up the pop-up Unable to Create Application Exiting. This error will stop you to use Kodi. When you will face this problem the screen shows nothing when you open the Kodi app. It will occur with any device and with any operating system; on window 10, generally used by the majority.

The problem mostly occurs when the Kodi app got update from Leia version to its latest version Kodi 18.2 or Kodi 18.3 and using window 8.1 and window 10.

Kodi Unable to Create Application Error

It will show the error ” Unable to Create Application Exiting”, it will solve when you uninstall and then re-install the App, but for the second time you open the app after re-installation it will come up with the same problem.

Fix “Unable to create application. Exiting” Kodi Error

Here we are going to tell you how you could fix this problem. Simply, follow the steps bellow –

  • Go to the Control Panel option – for window 10 just search for the control panel on the start button.
  • On the Control Panel window select Appearance and Personalization
  • In the next window, You will find the File Explorer Option – well this is the key thing to find, there would be another option you know to find it on your pc and with different Operating Systems you are using.
  • Select Show Hidden Files and Folders option under File Explorer Options.
  • Now a new box will open where you will see a folder name Hidden file and folder under which please make check the Show hidden files, folders, or drives-ON. Then click on Apply and Ok.
  • Now close that window and come to the Main screen of your pc.
  • Now go to the My Computer or This PC, then select C drive from there.
  • Select Users Folder over there.
  • Now select Your account name folder for this PC.
  • Now select the App data folder and Then select Roaming Folder.
  • Now find where is the Kodi folder, click on that.
  • Now select on the User Data folder.
  • Now in the next window, you will have to find the file named Profiles and delete it by left click. This is the main thing to do; delete the Profiles file. You could find it either way. The conclusion is, you will have to delete the profiles.xml from your pc.
  • After deletion just closed the window and open the Kodi App.
  • Now you will find the app running error-free like before. Maybe it took little time to load but be patient.



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