How To Update Kodi On Android TV Box


Kodi Developers Now develop the app as “Release Early, Release Often”, which means they update the app very frequently; every month or two, whenever they find a new update to do on the app, they do and release, not wait for more updates to have.

This strategy of Kodi developers makes users of Kodi be up to date always with the app to solve any kind of error during using the app.


Android box has an inbuilt Kodi app and it has become the most usable app in the Android TV or box, so it is important to always be updated with it.

Update Kodi On Android TV Box

There would be two situations while updating the Kodi on the android box –

1. You can access the Google Play Store –

Some Android boxes come with installed Google Play Store. You can access it if you have an android tv interface. So if you find play store easily then simply update Kodi app like any other app you do –

  • Select the Google Play store from the main screen of the android box
  • You will find all the apps in the next screen, select the Kodi app.
  • Now you will be redirected to the play store page.

Auto Update –

  • Here you should ensure to enable the auto
  • Update for the Kodi App.
  • Click on the burger icon, left upper side and got to the settings.
  • Check auto-update box

Update Kodi –

  • Simply Go to My apps & games and find the Kodi app.
  • You will see the update option, just click on that and get Kodi app updated.

2. In the second situation, you could only have an Android box and not the android tv interface –

  • Click on the Google play store, You will find on the main screen
  • In the next screen, you will find the Google play interface, different from the traditional google play interface.
  • Now click on my apps – It would be the third option left side on the screen.
  • Now select update all option.
  • Now You will have the updated version of the Kodi app.

Now you know how to update the Kodi app, on the android box and android tv both.

Download from the official Website

There is one another option to get an updated version of Kodi from its website.

  • You need to go to the website and go to the Download section.
  • Now find the app downloading option for the android device.
  • Click on the ARM option in the Android downloading section.

Install the app after getting downloaded that you will have the latest version of the Kodi app.



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